General Update

So I went to look at my orphanage and see what’s going on with that, possibly make a start on re-building it… But I couldn’t find it. I was currently playing a game, and I went to Edit Town to find the saved building in my houses/lots, but it wasn’t there. I think it may have gotten deleted somehow. I have to do some more digging around, but I think it’s gone. I hope it’s not. I was gutted when I couldn’t find it. Even if I am going to tear it down, I spent like twenty hours working on that. To have it just gone is very sad. ;_;

I also started a Legacy family. I should really put that in quotes, because I’m not really playing the challenge for…the challenge, I’m just following the basic tenets for fun. The family started off with one person, a young adult named Alice Sheffield. She moved into the Legacy lot in Meadow Glen. I hate how the lot’s so far away from everything, but I do love that one of the community lots has a kitchen and bathroom with bath/shower.

I’ll be making a post about Alice soon. I need to take screenshots of her before she ages up (but after she has this baby she’s currently nurturing inside of her).


RFH – Update

I finally finished building the foundling home. I’m about halfway through re-colouring the furniture and making everything match, but I’ve decided to completely re-do the place. I think it’s too big, and the basement never worked like it’s supposed to because I laid the foundation before doing the basement. Anyways. It’s currently four floors, and I only wanted it to be three maximum. So I’m going to cut down the number¬† of sim-children the home can hold and re-build the building.

I’m also working on two other houses, in addition to 14 Waterside Place (which I haven’t written about yet). I’ll do some news and pictures of them soon. Probably.

Riverview Foundling Home – WIP

Riverview Foundling Home has been several hours in the making (12+…), so I thought it time to show some pictures. Please note that this building is nowhere close to being done. I still need to do the kitchen, finish the matron’s bedroom and office, re-do all of the furniture so it matches, re-colour bedspreads, re-arrange the playground, and figure out how to landscape it. Among some other minor things.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Riverview Foundling Home - Front

The bird’s-eye view of the home.






1st Floor/Left Side


The 1st floor is host to the entry, kitchen, dining room, library, matron’s quarters, and the office.

Pictured here is the unfinished kitchen, library, and part of the entry.

1st Floor/Right Side



Pictured here is matron’s quarters, dining room, entry, and the office.The 2nd floor is host to 5 teen rooms, 3 children’s rooms, and a communal bathroom.

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor is host to 5 teen rooms, 3 children’s rooms, and a communal bathroom.

3rd Floor

This floor hosts four children’s rooms, the nursery, three staff quarters, a communal bathroom, and the toddler playroom.

Basement, Pt 1

The basement is host to the lounge, computer room, art room, and various arts, crafts, and fitness equipment, as well as a children’s playroom.
Pictured here is the foosball table, treadmills, sculpting and inventing station, TV lounge, bathroom, and the children’s playroom.

Basement, Pt 2

Shown here is the computer room and the art/chess room with easels, drafting tables, and chess tables.

Arianna Riley Parker

Meet Arianna. Born on Valentine’s Day 1991, she was found abandoned in an alleyway in downtown Riverview. Her parents could not be found and to this day remain unknown.

She was quickly placed in the care of local foster parents and bounced around from home to home for several years. She was adopted by a local family once when she was two, but the adoption disrupted by the time she turned six. After that, she was placed in the orphanage, a small, miserable building.

However, on her 7th birthday, the orphanage’s new building opened on the outskirts of town – Riverview Foundling’s Home. This large building, funded in part with generous donations from the town’s filthy rich elites, became her home, and she finally felt as if she belonged somewhere.

She kept herself entertained by playing outside in the wonderful playground at the back of the home, spending hours reading fantasy novels in the home’s library, and by honing her painting skills in the rec room.

An older social worker, the matron of the home, always had a contemplative look she reserved just for Arianna. Rumours went around that the woman might know who Arianna’s parents were, but Arianna didn’t want to know. She preferred not to think of her past or speculate on how she’d been brought into this world.

The matron died when Arianna was a teen, only two years before she was to graduate from the community school, and with it her only chances of potentially finding her parents. She grieved for the lost opportunity to know her heritage, and she poured her emotions into her artwork.

Upon graduating and turning 18, Arianna was given access to her trust fund and set out into the world. She bought a comfortable starter home, 14 Waterside Place, she intends to make her home for life. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a Descendant of da Vinci.

She is a Loner and a Perfectionist, these traits cultivated through years of being unloved and unwanted as she strove to be “good enough” for family after family. Now she enjoys the solitude and takes great pride in her work and tidy home. She is also Artistic and a Savvy Sculptor, as well as Lucky. She prefers to think her hard-work created those traits in her, but she can’t help but wonder on those rare nights she feels alone whether or not she inherited her talents and from whom.

She is now 21 and making a life for herself as a Painter.  She has mastered the painting skill and is quickly gaining recognition in the community for her work. Ever so slowly, she is also learning how to sculpt and invent but for the moment she chooses to focus on her painting.

Arianna has no desire to find a partner or to have children, though she has considered fostering a child later in life. But for now, she’s content and can truly see herself happy to live and die alone, the way she has always lived her life.

About This Blog

If it isn’t obvious, this is my blog for the stories of my Sims. I play Sims 3 with the Generations and Ambitions expansion packs, as well as Twallan’s MasterController, various other Nraas Industries and non-Nraas mods, some custom content, and I think I have Awesome mod downloaded… My simmies’ stories won’t leave me alone as I play them, particularly my latest character, Arianna. So I figured I might as well write them down.

This blog will also feature my journey as a modder for the Sims. I have started creating houses/buildings/lots for upload to modthesims (though I’m not good enough to be accepted yet), and I’m starting to learn how to create meshes and stencils so I can start making custom Sims’ clothes.

If you enjoy all things Sims, then you just might want to stick around for a while. Enjoy!